Chateau Symphony 2006


Chateau Symphony 2006

Origin of the name:

The wine is a blend of four varieties called “noble”: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah.

Like a symphony, where the sound of a particular instrument is no longer perceived individually, but nevertheless contributes to the final perception resulting from the merger of all the sounds of the other instruments.

It is the same for our blend, where each grape variety makes its particular note in this way.


Product information :

- Available vintage : 2006

- Grapes:         - Syrah (25%)

                        - Cabernet Sauvignon (25%)

                        - Cabernet Franc (25%)

                        - Merlot (25%)

- Annual production: 24,220 bottles

- Type of wine: red wine

- Packaging: 75 cl

- Number of bottles per carton: 6 x 75 cl

- Gold Medal in the "old vintage red wine" category at HORECA Exhibition Beirut in April 2011


Technical Information:

- Volumetric Alcohol content: 15% - Residual sugar: 0.6 g / l Vineyard Information: - Location: Dhour Zahle - Soil: Clay and limestone - Exposure: South - Area: 9 ha - Altitude: 1250m - Size: double Guyot - Age of vines: 20 years - Number of vines per hectare: 4000 - Yield: 40 hl / ha - Cultural methods: biological Winemaking process: - Harvest: mid to late September - Harvested by hand in plastic boxes of 20 kg, whole grapes de-stemmed and crushed, and then put in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks - Cold pre-fermentation maceration for about a week, alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts, then followed by malolactic fermentation - Alcoholic fermentation: 4 weeks - Apparatus: 40% in year old barrels from a variety of French producers and 60% cask aged 2 years or less - Maturation period: 12 months - Bottled in May and then rested at least 4 months in the cellar before marketing - Its release on the market comes after six years of care in our cellar Tasting advice: - Serving temperature: Decant into a carafe one hour before serving; to be at room temperature - Store: 10 years - Wine and food pairing: Excellent with red meat, it goes wonderfully with lamb. It is also sufficient to support casseroles. Tasting notes: - Red dress, strawberry crisp and clean - A complex and expressive nose of sweet vanilla and wood - In the second nose, the wine reveals notes of candied red fruit, blackberry and fig - On the palate it is soft, there is Merlot with a thick, sweet finish - The tannins are present but not overpowering

- Overall, the wine is lovely with good freshnes